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NRP courses:
Classes are frequently updated, so check this site often.

There are nine sections in the NRP course. 

Students must complete the online written test prior to coming to class.

Attendees will need to bring the book and online written test certficate of completion to class.  

Please note:
NRP cards expire at midnight two years from the date they were issued. There is no grace period.

All AHA and AAP courses require the participant to have a current NRP Textbook (Sixth Edition).

Textbooks must be purchased prior to the start of class. 

Serving the areas of Riverside, Temecula, Menifee, San Diego, San Bernardino, Hemet, Palm Springs and more in Southern California!

NRP Guidelines

ALL students must complete written testing available online at aap.org/nrp/nrpmain. You will need to have access to the 6th Edition NRP textbook prior to online testing. 

Students (first-time, expired, and renewal) must complete the online exam and bring the completed course certificate to an NRP instructor to finish skills training to receive the NRP card. Once you have started the testing process, AAP requires that you complete the online testing within 14 days, then you have up to 30 days to complete the skills testing. You must complete both the written and hands-on skills to obtain an NRP card! Skills classes will range from 2 to 8 hours, depending upon the skills, needs and experience of the student group. NRP will be primarily hands-on with very little to no lecture. 

If you are renewing your card, make sure to renew your card prior to the expiration date. If you do not, your employer may suspend you until you obtain a card. 

On January 1, 2012, AAP required students to complete the 6th edition written test online through HealthStream.

In keeping with new recommendations from AAP and the NRP Steering Committee, Pro Ed has restructured courses to reflect the new recommendations. 


The NEW NRP Guidelines will be released in 2016 with the NEW NRP Textbook (7th Edition) mid-April 2016. Healthstream program will be updated when the materials are released. AAP will also be converting to electronic cards. Students will create a personal account with AAP/NRP when you register with HealthStream. With the new cards, the expiration date with end the end of the month in which it was issued 2 years later. So if you attended 5/1/16, then your card will expire 5/31/18. YEAH!!!!  

More details to come! 

NRP Courses

Call 951.285.5699 when you have completed the online test to schedule your testing. Regardless of new, expired or renewing status, you have 30 days after completing the online certificate to perform skills for a NRP instructor to obtain a NRP card. If your current card expires prior to obtaining a new NRP card, you may be suspended by your employer. 

NRP Instructor Course


Additional Dates TBA:


        RN, RT, NNP, MD, PA or DO

        Employment at a perinatal center

        Current NRP card for minimum of 2 years

        Current NRP text

        At least two years delivery experience and current, hands on participation with deliveries

        Attendees will need to complete the Instructor DVD prior to class and bring the certificate of completion to the instructor.  

Please contact
Pro Ed 
Menifee, CA
e-mail: forproed@yahoo.com